Host Olivia Lane, the Houston-raised, Nashville living, spunky singer/songwriter, created “Diva Jam” in hopes that like-minded female artists laying their career foundation will join her in creating new friendships, fans, and a movement. The hope is for “Diva Jam” to become a destination series for fans and for the artists to work with one another in both support and in music.

The FIRST annual “Diva Jam” took place on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at the Listening Room Cafe, a venue just blocks from downtown Nashville and held during the CMA Music Festival.



After such a successful event, Olivia Lane hosted the SECOND “Diva Jam” on Saturday June 13th during the CMA Music Festival, which was packed from wall to wall at The Listening Room Cafe. Some of the great up and coming female artists such as Hannah Blaylock, Lacy Cavalier, Ruthie Collins and Mary Sarah, just to name a few.


Diva Jam 2015


On Friday June 3, 2016, the official lineup for Diva Jam was announced, featuring Megan & Liz, Rachele Lynae, April Kry, Rae Solomon, Sandra Lynn, Stephanie Quayle and Mary Sarah.

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