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minnie murphy

Singer-songwriter Minnie Murphy is a remarkable vocal stylist who defies genres and labels. Spotted by a Sony talent scout from Nashville as a teenager and signed to a country music deal at age 17, Minnie found her musical roots growing in many directions. She grew up north of Seattle listening to alternative rock as well as her mother’s jazz records. Surrounded by her talented musical family, she was also influenced by her Dad’s celtic country style and her Australian sister, country rock singer Jamie O’Neal. Minnie felt compelled to incorporate her love of jazz vocals and r&b into her own rootsy sound, taking the road less traveled as an artist and songwriter now living in Nashville. Although never getting to release her debut album on Sony, she continued writing and was then signed to record and write for Montage Music Group in 2008. Her debut single featuring 19-time Grammy Award winner Vince Gill had a small push in independent markets before the company closed. Minnie continued to write and had several songs cut including “Bluer Than Blue”  which also featured a performance scene of the song by Minnie herself in the 2010 Mario Van Peebles directed film, Redemption Road. In August of 2012, Minnie released an intimate acoustic album titled Something Cafe for newly formed indie label, 99 Matrix. 

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